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Commercial grants have been made available by the Irish Government for all businesses installing renewable energy sources to replace there current heating & electricity systems. These grants can be up to 70% of the total project cost. HOW MUCH WILL THESE GRANTS SAVE ME? Of course, the first question we always get is how much […]

Renewable Energy Isn’t Just Cutting Costs, It’s Saving Lives

CLEAN ENERGY, CLEAN AIR Renewable energy is very much in the limelight these days, as country after country experience how these sources can keep at par with fossil fuels. Various places have shown how renewables are capable of supplying a huge chunk of their electricity demands — one Austrian state is powered by 100{b942f2181ea19267c7de7a009490dd2fc7eac4ddb19f7e79c0755611fd002bda} renewables, while […]