Solar systems save your business money!

The increasing prices of electricity in the last year have put huge strains businesses profits. It has also caused a huge dilemma in predicting the energy costs for the coming year. Due to this we have seen many businesses turning to us for answers. The answer we give is Solar.


So, before we can tell you how solar can save money, we need to first see how electricity is charged.

1) Energy charges(kWh) this is the amount of energy your company uses.

2) Demand charges(kW) this is how the energy cost changes at peak times.

While solar provides a solution to lower your energy charges, demand charges can account for a significant portion of commercial customers’ total electricity costs. Adding a battery to your solar PV installation offers a way to provide relief during peak times.

This can optimize your energy costs and give you an advantage over the competition. While they are forced to reduce their energy consumption from the grid during peak times to avoid high-cost demand charges, businesses with Solar and Storage installed on their property can instead draw their power from stored solar energy that their PV system generated on-site and use it to power their businesses needs during these peak hours.


Right now, the Irish government is allowing companies to apply for grants covering up to 30% of the total costs of solar systems, whether you want to reduce your electric bills or completely remove them. Solar can hugely benefit a company not only today but in the future as well.


Our systems come with a 25-year warranty ensuring you get the best returns on your investment. With minimal to no maintenance, especially here Ireland due to the rain. Its not just a business investment but its investment in your planet.


With the UK set to leave the EU on the 12th of April electricity prices are set rise both in Northern Ireland and in the republic of Ireland beat the increase and install solar.

By Caolan Maxwell in partnership with Tomas Doherty

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